Alice has given readings from Penzance to London to Belgrade, both at live events and on the radio.

In 2013 she was invited to read at the Belgrade International Poetry Festival and at the Bath International Literature Festival in 2015. She often reads with her long time collaborator the wonderful poet Ana Seferovic.


She often reads with musicians – either improvising live or with pre-composed soundtracks, such as for part three of The City with music by Ryan Norris (Coupler and Lambchop). A recording of this on the radio with Alice and Ana reading can be listened to below.

Her and Ana have also composed specific performance pieces, such as the work Julie Knows Beauty for the Cockpit Theatre in London. She has also read at art galleries in response to visual art, such as at The Jago Gallery in 2009. She is a regular contributor to the Belgrade Sound Bridging project set up by writer and musician Manja Ristic.


Please look at events pages for upcoming readings.