“The house with the face stared at me as you spoke

Laughed in ribbons of crumpled wood

Cried private history

It understood…”

As a poet Alice is fascinated by atmosphere and rhythm and how words can trigger emotions as music can. Published work in the UK includes magazines and specially commissioned poems for the 60th anniversary of the Yorkshire Dales being founded as a National Park and for The Story Republic in Cornwall. She was highly commended in the Aesthetica Creative Works competition in 2010. Outside of the UK she has been translated into Swedish for Presens Magazine and Serbian for the Supernova poetry anthology www.supernovapoetry.net (where you can also hear a recording of Alice reading), and for the anthology for the 2014 Belgrade International Poetry Festival, where she was also invited to read.

“It seemed more romantic than this loud London street

Decorated with spent chewing gum

And kebab shop perfumery

Licking our discarded air.”

She has performed with artists and musicians at home and abroad. She regularly collaborates with fellow poet Ana Seferovic, both for special performance commissions and in their book The City, published in 2015 by Auropolis Association of Multimedia Artists www.auropolisarts.blogspot.com . For more details of this project and how to order the book please visit http://dirtyconfetti.com/2014/08/03/the-city/ . She has regularly read on the radio in Serbia, alone with musicians and collaboratively with Ana. In 2015 Alice and Ana also wrote a collaborative travelogue for The Car Boot Museum project, which was published by Somerset Art Works. Distributed throughout Somerset Art Weeks, it too is also available to purchase on the Dirty Confetti website.



“Ownerless hairbrushes and trinkets scar the wind

Like key scrapes on a car”

As well as with more traditional print format, Alice’s poetry influences her visual art and site-specific work – many poems have appeared as part of commissioned art works where they exist only for that short time – ephemeral pieces illustrating a specific place and atmosphere. Please see visual art section for further details.

Post-It note, Clevedon, 2002