Travel Writing Updates

This post has been a little while coming, but I am thrilled to have a piece of my Tbilisi travel writing published in the latest issue of Elsewhere – the journal of writing and place. I have been experimenting with the travel writing genre over the last year or so, finally writing the travel book about my many times in Georgia that all my friends said I should have been. I remember reading Anne of Green Gables and Gilbert telling her to write a novel about the places she knew rather than crazy flights of romantic fancy, and I think in some ways my travel writing experiments are a combination of the two – the places I love and know well and then talking street cats and balconies. My piece, Farewell for you are Changing, explores the changes currently happening to Tbilisi, through an intensive renovation that is almost more of a demolition and how this has changed the city since the days when I first knew it. It has changed so much, some of my favourite balconies have been pulled down even since I wrote this piece, there are tourists and new skyscrapers… Yet it is still Tbilisi. It is still the city I love full of people I care about. How are memories contained in places and how are atmospheres changed when places look so different?

There is some brilliant writing by other writers and artists in the journal and it is well worth ordering here: 

There is also an interview with meon the blog

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