The Car Boot Museum Exhibition

Alice Maddicott (left) and Ana Seferovic with their miniature museum in a car boot touring scenic locations, roadsides, towns and villages around Somerset.

Picture by Clint Randall

A car boot containing a miniature museum Is popping up at scenic locations, roadsides, towns and villages around Somerset.
The Car Boot Museum’s specially created wooden cabinet houses a collection of everyday objects, text and images put together by artist and writer Alice Maddicott. She is joined on the tour by poet Ana Seferovic to create a collaborative poetic travelogue. 
The project has been commissioned by Somerset Art Works for this year's Arts Weeks Festival. 
Alice is touring her home county to discover the secret stories behind objects and the local landscape. 
Visitors are invited to bring along their own objects which can be donated to the Museum or be recorded and taken away again. People can write their own ideas and memories of the area and add them to the Car Boot Museum.
Alice said:
“I would love people to bring along objects with a special memory for them or an interesting tale to tell. We rely so much on storing information digitally now, but I’d like to move away from that and to find out about the stories behind real objects. Sometimes an object has no value except to the person for whom it holds a special memory. I’d like people to share those stories.”
The mini museum will evolve and change as it travels around the county. Each day it will be inspired by the places it visits and the new objects it acquires.

The Car Boot Museum is winding its way along Somerset’s roads, visiting Priddy Village green, Steart Marshes, Dunkery Beacon, Burrow Mump, Minehead and a range of other locations, ending up at Nunney Market Place on Sunday 9 August.
Alice is using the objects and stories she gathers along the way to create an installation with sound and film for Somerset Art Weeks Festival. Alice was inspired by the theme for

Alice’s exhibition as part of Somerset Art Weeks will be opening on Thursday 1st October at the 44ad gallery in Bath. This exhibition will be the culmination of The Car Boot Museum project seeing the launch of the poetic travelogue written in collaboration with poet Ana Seferovic, as well as the display of a film exploring ideas of memory, place and momentum, and two new large wall pieces again seeking to explore in more depth the ideas behind the project. It some ways it is an alternative  “living” souvenir for Somerset, the different pieces working together and encouraging visitors to continue the evolution of the work through their own interpretation and memories. The museum will also be there to be viewed and objects and memories may be left.

Private view 6pm Thursday 1st October

Artist’s talk 1.30pm Thursday 8th October

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