Case Study: The Beau Street Hoard


Alice was asked by The Roman Baths to design and run creative writing workshops inspired by The Beau Street Hoard.

She worked in six primary schools in the BANES and Somerset area in Rode, Radstock, Peasedown St John, Midsomer Norton, Marksbury and Southdown. After an introduction to the hoard which included the chance to handle some of the real Roman coins, Alice spent two days in each school running a series of workshops, each to create a piece of paper treasure that would later make it into Roman style canvas money bags to be displayed at Bath Central Library during the 2015 Bath Literature Festival. Activities included making paper coin characters, imaginary hoard worlds with their own maps, miniature books, word treasure using the most beautiful language and origami treasure full of personal meaning.

During the workshops Alice sought to explore the nature of treasure and a hoard as imaginatively and widely as possible, covering both Roman history and where it can take your imagination;  treasure of monetary value, but also what becomes treasure through meaning and personal associations: for example the children brought objects of personal meaning into class for a moving show and tell, which then inspired stories.

Each child created their own personal hoard, which was combined with the hoard of the other children on their table. Then each table worked collaboratively, using all their favourite bits of writing inspired by the hoard to decorate canvas bags which the class hoard was then placed in.

This project was part of a wider programme of workshops and events inspired by the hoard. Alice was thrilled to play her part and endlessly impressed with what the children produced.

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